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was formed in the UK in September 1986, and has encouraged the formation of affiliated national and regional societies worldwide since then. There are now more than 20 such affiliated societies in five continents. The China Hong Kong Society for Trenchless Technology — CHKSTT was established in 1999 and is one of these affiliated societies.

CHKSTT serves those concerned with the provision of underground gas, water, sewerage, telecommunications, and electrical mains and services; consultants, contractors, and manufacturers; highway engineers and those involved in traffic management and the integrity of road networks; and those engaged in research andd evelopment for underground systems The Society is concerned with both the built and the natural environment, and recognize the massive social costs imposedon the public by open-cutting for utility mains and services.
Our objectives include the advancement of the science and practices of Trenchless Technology for the public benefit, and the promotion of education, training, study, and research in said science and practice. We encourage the use of proven trenchless systems for the installation and rehabilitation of underground utilities, promote the location and mapping of underground services, and encourage the development of new trenchless techniques. We also aim to associate, cooperate or affiliate with other organizations, in mainland China and worldwide, that have similar purpose or objectives altogether, or in part, on the usefulness of trenchless technology and its societal benefits.
Members of CHKSTT receive ISTT's official magazine — TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, published monthly and contains articles on new developments and applications, together with new items and information on technical, financial, and legal aspects of Trenchless Technology worldwide.
Corporate members have priority booking on all CHKSTT events, seminars and presentations and are entitled to special discount for the exhibitions and conferences, selective courses, seminars, and events sponsored by the Society.

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