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Mr. Yan Kwok Keung
T: (852) 2636 6900
E: [email protected]
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Message from K K Yan
K.K.YAN – Chair of CHKSTT
Managing Director of Waterland Group
K.K.YAN has been active in the development and growth of the Trenchless Industry for 15 years. He obtained his BEng degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1998. He has been providing various trenchless solutions from planning, coordinating, managing, implementing of different projects including non-destructive underground utilities surveys, leakage management and control, pipe condition assessment, geophysical surveys, trenchless pipe rehabilitation works and equipment technology transfer with particular emphasis on increased use of various trenchless technologies.
He is currently operating his own business as the Managing Director of Waterland Group and being one of the active key players in the trenchless industry of Hong Kong.

Mr. Tony Lau Wai
T: (852) 2608 7643
E: [email protected]
Vice Chairman
Mr. Wing Chan
T: (852) 6775 1163
E: [email protected]
Mr. Lionel Ng
T: (852) 9501 7560
E: [email protected]
Dr. Pinky Tso
T: (852) 9201 1952
E: [email protected]
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Message from Pinky Tso
Pinky Tso’s Message Secretary, CHKSTT
It is not hard to find people digging holes everywhere in Hong Kong. You can imagine that these disruptions affect our daily lives in many aspects. I became involved in organizing seminars on trenchless technologies when I first met Ian Vickridge, a past Chairman of CHKSTT, in the mid-90s. CHKSTT celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009 and trenchless technologies in Hong Kong have gone a long way since then. The use of trenchless methods would continue to grow and we need your input to build a stronger and bigger trenchless society. Join us and work together towards a trenchless world. CHKSTT is glad to have you with us.

Board Members
Mr. Prof Chen Wu
T: (852) 2766 5969
E: [email protected]
Mr. Ray Fung
T: (852) 9520 2452
E: [email protected]
Mr. Herman Kwok
T: (852) 2410 1280
E: [email protected]
Mr. Herman Kwok Mr. Herman Kwok

Message from Mr. Herman Kwok
Mr. Herman Kwok - Jetrod
Mr.Herman Kwok, director of Jetrod Pipeline Consultant & Engineering Ltd. , specialize in CCTV pipeline inspection, pipeline cleaning utilizing high pressure water jet and pipeline rehabilitation in cure in place pipe (CIPP).
As one of the board members, Mr.Herman Kwok would like to voice out that“ During the 1990s, utilization of trenchless technology is a very uncommon technology in Hong Kong and this has lead to using traditional technology (open cut excavation) by carrying out trial pits where repair is required which causes traffic congestion, noise, and public complaints.
However, during the 2000s, as Hong Kong has been developing rapidly, trenchless technology has been playing a very important role in management and maintenance of underground public utilities. Trenchless technology has proven itself to increase efficiency and promotes long term sustainability while minimizing traffic congestions, public complaints and noise.
I believe the advances of trenchless technology will create a better and sustainable development in Hong Kong.

Mr. Ken Chan
T: (852) 9199 0528
E: [email protected]
Ms Christine Yeung
T: (852) 2636 6900
E: [email protected]

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